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PREMIER LEAGUE Teams That Had Toughest Fixtures After Seven Games and Those To Have Toughest Fixtur Run in Next Seven Games

With every Premier League team having played seven games so far this on going campaign season, the league table is finally starting to take shape. The two Manchester clubs are first and second with same points but a goal margin difference put Manchester City ahead of Manchester United while Tottenham, Chelsea and Arsenal are in top six while Crystal Palace are still yet to record a single goal and point in the League.

However, there is a huge difference between the easiest and toughest fixture lists so far. Manchester City and Manchester United may be top of the league, but both clubs have been the beneficiaries of soft starts to the season.

The below table ranks the Premier League teams according to their current league position of their seven league opponents (current league position in brackets):
1) Everton  (16th)
2) Crystal Palace  (20th)
3) Stoke City  (13th)
4) Chelsea  (4th)
5) Leicester City  (17th)
6) West Ham  (15th)
7) Liverpool  (7th)
8) Brighton  (14th)
9) Swansea City  (18th)
10) Bournemouth  (19th)
11) Burnley  (6th)
12) Tottenham  (3rd)
13) West Brom  (10th)
14) Newcastle United  (9th)
15) Watford  (8th)
16) Huddersfield  (11th)
17) Arsenal  (5th)
18) Southampton  (12th)
19) Manchester City  (1st)
20) Manchester United  (2nd)
The above stat shows Everton faced the toughest fixture run in the first Seven Premier League 2017/18 campaign while Manchester United faced the easiest fixtures.

Initial thoughts:
– All is not lost for Crystal Palace and Ronald Koeman. Both are under pressure after dire starts to the season, but have faced incredibly difficult runs of fixtures until now.
– Manchester United’s run of games has been incredibly gentle. The gap between their average opponent (15.9) and even Manchester City’s in 19th (12.6) is 3.3. That’s the same as the gap between 19th and 6th.
– For all Arsenal’s resurgent form (and they did draw against Chelsea), they have also enjoyed a gentle run of fixtures. They may be up to fifth now, but can they cope when the tougher games arrive?
– Chelsea are one of the over-achievers, despite losing two league games already and dropping seven points at home. They have faced the fourth toughest run of games, and are still in the top four. In fact, they are the only current member of the top six who are in the top half of hardest runs.
– The one club that do look a little buggered are Southampton, who sit 12th (and three points off the relegation zone) but have enjoyed the third easiest run of games.
– Fair bloody play to Burnley and Sean Dyche. To be sixth after seven games is one thing. To be sixth despite not having a simple run of fixtures is another entirely.

So, to the future. Having examined the first seven games, what about the next seven? Who has the hardest run of games to come in October and November, and who has the easiest? as created by sport page football365.
Well, look for yourself:
1) West Brom
2) Manchester United
3) Liverpool
4) Huddersfield
5) Arsenal
6) Southampton
7) Bournemouth
8) Watford
9) Crystal Palace
10) Manchester City
11) Leicester City
12) Swansea City
13) Newcastle United
14) Burnley
15) Tottenham
16) Everton
17) Chelsea
18) Stoke City
19) West Ham
20) Brighton 
 We are about to see what Mourinho's Manchester United are made for....

POLL:- Can Manchester United Give a 100% result in their next 7 fixture?

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