Wednesday, 29 March 2017

REVEALED: See Reason Why Lionel Messi Always Stand At The Left Side In Every Team Pictures In Club and Country

Reason Why Lionel Messi Always Stand At Left Side Without Bending His Knee During Team Picture.

According t media outlet with picture prove, Lionel Messi always stood on the left side during all Barcelona's team picture before any match in which he is available to start the match and not in Barcelona alone but also in his National team picture of the Argentine squad.

A quick advance search of Barcelona and Argentina team pictures proved that Messi was always seen on the left side of the team picture standing in the front row where others will bend there legs to pose for the picture but the five times Ballon D'or winner will remain standing and don't bend his leg to pose for the picture.

According to information gathered, Messi not bending his knees has to do with his height and a latent inferiority complex.

It is recall that the Barcelona forward man had a growth hormone deficiency problem when he was much younger. And it was Barcelona who were the only club willing to pay for his treatment which cost $1,000-a-month at that time.

Messi doesn't need to bend his knees by standing towards the left side of the picture and it makes him appear taller than his team-mates who bend their knees.
He may be a god on the field but he is still human off it with emotions. Often called 'La Pulga'- The Flea, but he may not necessarily like to be called. 

See More Pictures Below to clear our doubt.

Messi at The Left Side In Argentina Team Photo Standing In The Front row and Not Bending His Knees

There is one thing that is common from all above picture and that is Messi never bend his knees from others in the front row of the pictures.



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