Friday, 10 February 2017

PICTURES:- Inside Multimillion New Acquired Luxury Apartment Of Paul Pogba VS Inside Multimillion New Acquired Luxury Apartment of John Stones..

Paul Pogba's new five-bedroom property boasts luxuries including a heated indoor swimming pool, Saunas, and his own media room which was on the market for £3.49million. The World record value player has completed the cut-price transfer to acquire the building for £2.9million.

See Pictures of Pogba's new Luxury that catches the eye of many.........but is his house better and catches more eyes than that of Manchester City and England defender John Stones


Heated Swimming Pool In The Middle Of The Inside Building 

Game Center With Wall Design

Dining Room With Wide Door Open Towards The Back Of The Building To The Garden

Things around the building with almost everything needed in a multi-million mansion

The Kitchen Center Very Large With All That Is Needed Including A Very Large Fridge

A Living Center Room

One Among The Five Bedroom In The Building

A Television is Pictured In One Of The Larger Room

The Bathroom Center With A Luxury Design Look

The Main Sitting Room Pictured With A Wide Screen Television

The Building Pogba acquire is said to be for former Manchester United forward Javier Henrnandez according to report. But now with more Luxury design touched on the building, the world most expensive player will only spent not more than 20 minutes drive to Manchester United training ground.

John Stones also splashed out £3.4million on a six-bedroom Chesire mansion which includes its own lake.
The 22-year-old England international purchased the property near Knutsford, which boasts landscape gardens and an indoor swimming pool.

Below are the pictures of the inner building the Manchester City star acquire recently.


The Front View John Stones New Building Which Have A Inner Pool and Personal Lake

The Kitchen Center Which Include Double Ovens and a Large Storage Spaces

The Inner Swimming Pool

The House's Personal Lake Located In The Garden

The Games Room

The Dining Room

The GYM Room with more Equipment for Fitness

Front View Of The Lake

The Bathroom

The Living Room With A Television Mounted on The Wall

Now both Manchester Boys, World Most expensive player Paul Pogba of Manchester United and second most expensive defender John Stones at Manchester City bot acquire a luxury house same time.

POLL: Which Among The Players'House is Most Eye-Catching??



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