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Top Footballing Records That Could Be Broken In 2017 In Europe Top Flight Leagues.

Records are meant to be created and broken, that's the passion of every individual in sport world. Several football records were created in the past year 2016 and some are broken while some are still on the record list. PUNDIT SPORT looks at some records in football that could be broken in the year 2017 according to Squawkua Analysis.

Here we will bring to you all record that are possibly be broken this 2017 and we give our own verdict on each records.

** If Everton end the season in the 10th position on table, they will have finished in every position in the Premier League outside the top & bottom three. (i.e they have finished the league on 4th,5th,6th,7th,8th,9th ??? 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, and 17th.)

PUNDIT SPORT VERDICT: They are currently 7th position with 27-points, 3-points ahead of 10th place Bournemouth. It is possible considering the position they are now with their performance to others within. This is Strange. **Smile

**  Zlatan Ibrahimovic can become the first player in history to score in the Champions League with seven different clubs. (Ajax, Juventus, Inter, Barcelona, AC Milan, PSG and possibly Man. United)

PUNDIT SPORT VERDICT: Considering the fact and chances in the League this season, its a 50-50 chance for United to qualify to TOP FOUR and earn them-self Champions League appearance in 2017.

** If Wayne Rooney scores one more away goal in the league, it will be his 88th in the competition, going clear as the most prolific scorer away from home in the Premier League history.

PUNDIT SPORT VERDICT: It is 99% achievable for him because up to 38 Premier League matches will be played in 2017. So just one goal for him is possible in any number of appearance he might get from the matches.

** Juventus and Real Madrid are both looking for their 33rd league titles; more than any other team in Europe's top 5 leagues.

PUNDIT SPORT VERDICT: Considering the position Real Madrid are now at the Laliga [A game in hand, top of the table with 3 points ahead of second place Barcelona] . Also to consider the position and performance of Juventus in the Serie A side [A game in hand, top of the table with 4-points ahead of second place Roma]. It is achievable and possible for both clubs.

** Marek Hamsik needs just 11 more goals to overtake Legendary Diego Maradona (115) as Napoli's all-time leading scorer.

PUNDIT SPORT VERDICT: He have everything to do it and better as he is currently on 105 goals. 

** Gianluigi Buffon needs to earn just one more cap to become the European player with the most international caps in football history.

PUNDIT SPORT VERDICT: YES this is going to be a great milestone for him. I hope he get the chance when next Italy have a match. 99% possible for him to achieve it.

** Chelsea can record the longest Premier League winning streak in history if they win their first two League games in 2017.

PUNDIT SPORT VERDICT: A possible one but it is not going to be easy for the Blues if they are to achieve it. Their next two league matches are AWAY to TOTTENHAM and AWAY to LEICESTER CITY. Its a 50-50 chance for them. 
Arsenal holds the record for fourteen wins.

** If Everton lose 3 more league games, totalling 9 for the season, they will have lost more Premier League games (334) than any other team in history.

PUNDIT SPORT VERDICT: Oh! what a bad record is going to be. They have 38 Premier League matches for 2017 if they remain in the league, can they do without the loose? oh i don't see that coming. The question is how soon are they going to set that bad record?.

** Philippe Coutinho needs just 4 goals to become the leading Brazilian goalscorer in the Premier League history with 30 goals he already has the most assists (27) of any Brazilian player in the Premier League.

PUNDIT SPORT VERDICT: Considering his performance in the league so far under Manager Jurgen Klopp, he's been outstanding for Liverpool before his injury problem. I see him coming back to continue his fine form. YES he can break the record.

** When Manchester United reach 16+ goal difference in the league, they will become the first Premier League team to reach the 1,000+ milestone.

PUNDIT SPORT VERDICT:  Arguable done. YES they will achieve it this year. currently they are 10+ goal difference after just 19 League games.

** Cristiano Ronaldo could score his 50th career hat-trick for club and country. 

PUNDIT SPORT VERDICT: Considering his rate of goal scoring and form his current club are, CR7 can hit the figure. He's currently scored 45 hat-trick ( Real Madrid 40, Portugal 4, Man United 1).

** N'Golo Kante can become the first outfield player in history to win back-to-back Premier League titles with different clubs.

PUNDIT SPORT VERDICT: His personal power alone can't give him the record but collectively by his teammates. A good one for him if it happens, but currently it is going well for him. its a possible 50-50 for him.

** Real Madrid can become the first team in the champions League era to win back-to-back titles.

PUNDIT SPORT VERICT:  They are still in the competition, so it's a 50-50 possible chance.

** Petr Cech need to keep 16 clean sheets to become the first goalkeeper in history to reach 200 Premier League clean sheets.

UNDIT SPORT VERDICT: He have over 30 more Premier League games to play in 2017 if still in his best he will achieve it. It is a possible one to achieve on a 70% verdict for him.

** Diego Costa could reach 50 Premier League goals in fewer games than any other Chelsea player in history.

PUNDIT SPORT VERDICT: Arguably possible. He currently has 45 goals in 71 games, faster than Didier Drogba of 50 goals in 106 games.

** Wayne Rooney need just two more goals to become Manchester United top scorer.

PUNDIT SPORT VERDICT: He currently in 248 goals and Sir Bobby Charton hold the record of 249 goals. so two goals from Rooney will see him set a record of 250 highest goal scorer for the Red Devils. He can do that on a 99% possible chance for him.

** Both Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are looking to become the first player to score 100+ goals in Champions League/European cup history.

PUNDIT SPORT VERDICT: Cristiano Ronaldo is in 95 goals and Lionel Messi is in 93 goals. five more UEFA goals for Ronaldo and seven more for Messi to reach the landmark goal. So it is 90% possible for both players. Who got their first is the race. Mathematically Ronaldo is the favorite considering the number of goals he need is fewer than that of Messi as both players are still in current UEFA tournament.

** If Leicester City win fewer than 50 points, their title defence will be the worst in Premier League history.

PUNDIT SPORT VERDICT: They currently have 20 points from 19 games. will they gain minimum of 30 points in their remaining 19 league games? it's a 50-50 chances for them to finish below 50 point or above, considering that they are not as strong as expected to be base on previous .season form.

** Zlatan Ibrahimovic can become the first foreign-born footballer to win the Premier League Golden boot in his first season.

PUNDIT SPORT: Zlatan currently have 12 goals after the first half of the season, 2 goals behind top scorer Costa. it's a 50-50 chance for him if he continue his recent goal scoring form.

** If Arsenal finish 4th, they will have finished there times (8) than any other team in Premier League history.

PUNDIT SPORT VERDICT: They are currently 3rd on the table with one point above 4th place Tottenham after just 19 games. It's hard to judge but it is a 50-50 possibility for them.

** Lionel Messi could become the first player in history to score 500 senior goals for Barcelona.

PUNDIT SPORT VERDICT: Arguably possible for him. He is currently on 487 goals, needs just 13 more goals in all competition for Barcelona in 2017.

** Cristiano Ronaldo could set a highest all-time goal-scoring record in Europe's top 5 leagues.

PUNDIT SPORT VERDICT: It is Arguably possible for him. Ronaldo is currently on 354 League goals and will need just 13 more league goals to surpass Jimmy Greaves record of 366 goals



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