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Crazy Red Cards Given In Football History.

Red card shown in football is acceptable a punishment to offence, some decision in football that leads to red card are understandable: the hard-tackle, the second yellow.
There are these kind of  red cards that are crazy and ridiculous, while some are funny to say, but when it is shown, the law takes the center stage immediately.

      Reason.... Slapping His Own Teammate

Ricardo Fuller losses his temper and blamed his team's captain Andy Griffin for conceding a goal, he was then shown red card for giving him [Andy Griffin] a slap to the face. His own other teammates sided the refree and gave him a hand leaving the pitch.

9. YOAV ZIV    (Stoke City)
    REASON.....Kicking his own shoe at the linesman

After a tackle on the Stoke City man which left him shoeless, his reaction at not being awarded a foul was to kick his own shoe in frustration, unfortunately the kicked shoe went to hit the linesman and that resulted to a red card.

8. STEVEN DEFOUR     (Anderlecht)
    REASON....... Allowing an injured opponent to receive treatment.

Steven Defour did the sporting thing and kicked the ball out of play so that an opponent team player could receive treatment, then he was issue second yellow from the referee when the ball accidentally hit a child in the stand.

7. NEYMAR     (Santos)
    REASON....... Wearing his own face

The rule about over-celebrating a goal is controversial enough and often sees players given yellow cards for taking their shirt off. Neymar was given a second yellow card that sent him off for a bizzare goal celebration which he wore a paper mask of his own face. Santos players approach the referee to question Neymar's sent off but opposing teammates move closer to stop Santos'players and resulted to a fight between the teams which led to four more red cards, two for each team.

6. BRYAN KEAN     (Manchester City U-19)
    REASON........ For Being slapped in the face

In Manchester City's youth match with Sevilla youth team, Bryan was slapped at the face after being treated for a kicked in the head, his response reaction seen by the refree as excessive and sent him off.

5. EDEN HAZARD       (Chelsea)
    REASON........... For kicking a ball boy

In a Capital-One Cup semi-final match between Chelsea and Swansea, Chelsea were behind in score line as Hazard rushed to the side-line to picka ball for throw-in but the 17-year-old ball-boy hold on to ball for delay and frustrated Hazard kicked him to force the ball out of him< he was then shown a Red card by the referee.

4. ASHLEY VICKERS   (Dorchester)
    REASON...... For Tackling A Pitch Invader

A pitch invader evaded the game at few minutes to half-time and for over 30 seconds stewards could not stop the invader then Ashley thought he could help the authority by tackling the invader with a body slam, unfortunately the referee's reaction doesnt favour'Ashley as he was quickly shown Red Card.

3. LEE BOWYER and KEIRON DYER         (Newcastle)
   REASON........... Fighting each other

During a match in 2005 that saw Aston Villa leading Newcastle by 3-0,  Bowyer became frustrated that his teammate Dyer is not passing to him and a fight broke up, the referee quickly react and show both players red card and they went to their dressing room to continue the spat. Funny tho. 

2. ANDRE BIKEY       (Cameroon)
   REASON...... Shoving over a medic

In 2008, Cameroon were playing Ghana at the Africa Cup of Nations when Cameroon were leading by 1-0, Bikey's teammate Rigobert Song was injured on the floor and needed treatment from the medical team, the Ghananian medical team rushed to his treatment and they were keen to take him off the pitch as quickly as possible but Bikey reacted to it and push one of the medic to the floor then the referee show him a straight red card for his act.

1. ADAM LINDIN        ( Jarna SK)
    REASON............ Farting

This is the most bizzare decision ever occur in referee decision making. 'LOL'  Adam was accused by the referee of UNSPORTMANLIKE in the second half of a playing game, and he show him a red card for farting while game is in play.
Explaining after the game, Adam said he had a bad stomach, so he simply let it go....... Very Funny.



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