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The English Premier League VS The Spanish La Liga.

Premier League and LaLiga are the most popular football (soccer) leagues in the world followed by millions of people on all continents. Both leagues host some of the best players, best managers, and most successful clubs.

Pundit Sport recently take survey of both league and get fans opinion on which league is better with reasons to convince readers and viewers on their say.

The English Premier League (EPL), known before 1992 as the football League First Division (created in 1888) is the oldest and the most watched football league in the world, and the one with highest revenues from TV rights. It is also currently the second league in Europe according to UEFA rankings. FIVE English team have won the UEFA Champions League titles. Liverpool with (5) titles, Manchester United (3), Nottingham Forest (2), Aston Villa (1) and Chelsea (1) which is a total of 12 Champions League title.

The Spanish La Liga, started in 1929 and it is currently the strongest league in Europe according to UEFA. Real Madrid and Barcelona have won a total of 16 UEFA Champions League title . With Real Madrid being the most successfull club in the history of the Champions League having won it 11 times and Barcelona with 5 Champions League title.
Also a Spanish club side Sevilla happens to be the most successful club in the history of the UEFA Europa League having won the title 4 times.


Oluwatobi Akapo.......A Nigerian and a Fan of Manchester United....
Said: I would list some points that make the Premier League better than Laliga, though it can be argued the laliga have the two best teams in the world.

** The television coverage is next to none, the best in the world as of now and it shows on almost every continent of the world, so much as been invested into it from the number of high quality caneras to the pitch and all.
**The fans that troop to the stadium is unbelievable, you don't get it any better for every match.
**The Money each team wins is enough to buy some teams 4-times ove in the Laliga, the team that comes last in the Premiership gets just a little less than the UCL winner.
**There is no monopoly in TV money like in Laliga, it is shared all round which helps develop teams while in Laliga there is a monopoly that is shared with just Barcelona and Real Madrid (let me state Athletico just started making waves due to the coach) but in the Premiership you have up to six teams playing and trying to win the league and even have fairytale happenings like Leicester City winning the league last season.
**And finally for now, other leagues go on a break during Christmas and we [fans] have nothing to watch but the Premiership. Isn't that exciting to say the last.


Priam Hasnat......... A Fan Of Barcelona.

Many reasons. But the most important reason in my opinion is English. That's right, the language.
I am an avid fan of Barcelona and La Liga. And often when I watch live Laliga matches (Except for the El Classico) the commentary is in Spanish. That's a huge turn off for non SPanish speakers. A football league is not just the games. Promotion, on an international stage, is a lot easier with English as the language as it is the most understood language in the world.

Another reason is competition. no matter how you put it, Laliga, currently, is at best a three horse race. EPL on the other hand is a wide open race with at least FOUR serious title contenders each year and the contenders aren't the same each year. The Spanish equivalent to a bottom dweller like Leicester City (say Sporting Gijon for example) culd never win Laliga. The unpredictability is always exciting for neutral/casual viewers.

The underlying reason behind that is how the TV money gets distributed between clubs. In Laliga, Barca and Real get 50-50% of the TV revenue, the other 18 teams get the other 50%. It's unfair system which ensures the dominance of the big two. In EPL, each team gets an equal share.
And to that, the marketing acumen of EPL, it's pretty easy to see why EPL, despite being technically inferior to Laliga in terms of football skills, is the most popular football league in the world.

Prateek Raina.

Here is where we come to a disagreement my friend. Premier League is not a better league than Laliga, a more competitive you might say but not better. 

But what I do agree with is the fact that Premier League is a more competitive League than La Liga, it is because any team in PL can beat the top-4 as easily as it gets beaten by one of the bottom-3 while the same is not true for La Liga. But most of the teams in the mid table in La Liga can beat anyone in the top 4 of PL any given day, it is evident by the fact that in the past five years, Laliga teams have won THREE Champions League and FOUR Europa Leagues and for the past three years both the trophies have found a permanent home in Spain. It says a lot about the quality of the teams in both the leagues and the leagues other than that.

Amogh Bhasker

One word! Higher intensity! Consider the fact-Last 4 years there have been 4 different title winners. This points out to the fact that the cut throat competition that goes on in the EPL. Another reason might be talent export from EPL to other leagues. Be it Cristiano Ronaldo ,Gareth Bale or Luiz Saurez . These talents were nurtured at EPL and went on to become record sales later.

 EPL accounts for more number of national players than any other league. This season of EPL is definitely gonna be awesome considering the managers that are there at the PL. Be it Conte, Guardiola, Mourinho, Arsene, Klopp, they are world class. Also unlike other leagues we don't see a clear cut winner after February. The winner team has to fight till the end to win. In La-Liga we might find such competition but it is only restricted to Barcelona, Real and Athletics Madrid.
 Seria A and Ligue 1and Bundesliga is usually one team dominating every season. But apparently this season Ligue 1 is seeing a different leader apart from PSG but I guess this won't happen every season. Juventus is Seria A some how manages to win the title considering the quality of players they have. Leipzig is currently playing amazing football in Bundesliga and deserved to be table toppers but again it is mostly one season charm!.

We bring the conclusion back to your our readers, you can join the opinion talk at the comment section below to tell us your own view of what you think, anything to say or question from the discussion 'Which League is better between the Premier League and The Spanish Laliga'. 



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