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Why Is Basketball Not So Popular In The World Of Sport Like Football Soccer.?

Football is a sport that is played by two teams of eleven players from each team on the field of play and their aim is to kick the ball and score a goal under different rules of play.
Basketball is a sport that is played by two teams of five players each on a rectangular court and their aim is to shoot the ball through a hoop at a height of 10 feet to backboard.

Pundit Sport brings to you question and answer on Basketball sport in an opinion research reason why the sport is not so popularly known/followed world wide unlike soccer football.
Football is quiet easy and simple to understand and adapt to from a scratch, for example: if a kid who has never played a football wanted to join the match, what he need to be told is "Just get the ball, move with it and kicked it in the goal." Within few minutes the kid will understand the game played.

Basketball is somehow complex for a beginer to easily and quickly adapt to. First you have to balance and force a ball which is too big to fit into the hand of a common grown man  into a basket in 3.05m height. But before you start, you will have to understand all the rules: (Travelling, Goaltending, Double Dribbling and Fouls)  in the game.

The sport require a special facilities to get it into a play, like a basket, a court and a small breeze to have a great impact of the game. Some of the factor that will hinder a normal play which can not be a standard play is that the game cannot be played at the beach, cannot be played on a field, cannot be played randomly on a street, if not the game will not be enjoyed in playing at any of those places. 

However, basketball is a very popular game internationally. Chinese are very crazy about it....Thanks to Yao Ming, a Chinese retired professional basketball player and Kobe Bryant the famous American professional basketball player known worldwide.

Highlighting some criteria and differences in both sport, in an opinion we would state some point and discussion into the topic.

LACK OF INFRASTRUCTURE:- To make a sport popular wordwide, infrastructure is needed in every sport, the infrastructure required in basketball is vast- cost of getting land, cost of maintaining a court, cost for getting the ring set up, and cost of maintaining the ring. Soccer does not require a specially made court, and no cost for rings etc. All this implies to grassroot play.

LACK OF UNDERSTANDING:- The rule book of soccer for beginers is as simple as Got the ball, start kicking, get it through the goal, stop others from getting it through your goal, no hands, no hitting others. But for basketball in the other-hand, even the basic dribbling takes a lot of effort to learn. Stayed near the basket in the 'D'for more than 3 seconds is a FOUL, ran 2 steps with the ball is a FOUL, threw the ball before/after 2.5 steps is a FOUL, tried to take the ball from someone and touched him/her is a FOUL, didn't shoot within 24 seconds of gaining the ball is a FOUL. if a player should got too many fouls? will wait till a basket or go out, make a minor foul? the opponent will take a free shot, he/she [the opponent] took more than 10 seconds, it is a FOUL. 
These are just few among many rules in basketball and they are all tougher than the rules in football. Often you will see students or beginers of basketball players made much of these fouls, hence they will need more time to get used to the playing.

UNFAIR ADVANTAGE:- At the beginner level, height can give unfair advantage to players. This varies highly from country to country but they have to be able to play at the same court together in international tournaments. The average height of players in the NBA is roughly 6feet7inches (200cm). so the chance of someone average height becoming a basketball legend are very slim-you need to be much taller than average to make it in the major leagues. After a point, height stops mattering as much (a 6feet3inches player can be better than a 6feet8inches), but if one is 5feet9inches tall against a 6feet7inches person, then you can pretty forget about it.

LACK OF MEDIA COVERAGE:- We often read everyday about the happenings in football. The players in basketball are covered much lesser in most countries nationwide, and hence the initiative to become the best also drops gradually.

The average salaries of a basketball player are high in few country barely United State alone but not so in other countries in the world. That, with height advantage, the court advantage, the simplicity of understanding for a casual viewer, and the resulting popularity ensures that football stays more popular than Basketball.



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