Friday, 9 December 2016


Solomon Dalung, Sport Minister In Nigeria at it Again.....This Time Over Falcons Victory And Allowances.

The Super Falcons, who defeated their Cameroon counterparts on Saturday to emerge victorious, had reportedly siezed the trophy given to them following the inability of the Nigerian Football Federation NFF to pay them their bonuses and allowances.

The Federal Government of Nigeria on Thursday gave a new insight into its inability to pay the allowances of the Super Falcons, saying that it did not know that the Falcons would win the 2016 AWCON Trophy.
Sport Minister Solomon Dalun told the State House correspondents that had the Government been confident that the team would win the trophy, the process of paying their entitlements would have been planned.

Dalung said; "Don't forget that nobody even knew the team would emerge victorious. If we were confident they would emerge victorious, all the federation would have done is to plan for process of participation and entitlement. And when they win, it's already established in sports tradition that when you win, this is what you are entitled to". 

Nigerian Sport Fans and Youth have now come out on social medias and other channels to express their support for the Falcons and call for Solomon Dalung to be removed as Minister of Sport in Nigeria.
Read below fans and Youths reactions.


He has been a failure from day one… Remember the embarrassment at the Olympics. The list r endless in terms of counting the reason Y he shld be removed

Sir Clem

Without mincing words, Dalung is the greatest problem our sports is currently facing. Dalung and his selfish group are doing everything possible to frustrate the NFF just to make the unsuspecting Nigerian fans to turn against the football authorities, some of this Dalung led anti-Nigerian football have even gone fetish all in attempt of making the NFF look like a failed institution. Though the baboons in the NFF are not helping matter either, but getting rid of Dalung as Sports minister will surely be seen or serve as problem half solve for the NFF and other Sports in the country.

Hadaptor Victor

What is this man saying??…. What an insult to the girls…
So they never had any plan for the girls….
But they know how to chatter flight to go and watch the final
Am so ashamed to call him my Youth and Sport Minister… smh

Sir Clem

Having a man who mostly reason with his ANUS than with his brain and talks when he suppose to keep quiet, as a Sports minister is a great mistake. This man doesn’t seem to get better. Since he assumed office as sports minister his only achievement is embarrassing Nigeria globally. I don’t know why this man can’t be relieved of this sensitive post for goodness sake.


I wonder how this man became sport minister in the first instance because no nation will go for any competition without having aim of wining that competition not to talk of super facons that dominates Africa women’s football. That’s is a useless talk.


This Dalung guy is a clown and a national embarrassment. I have said it time and time again that he should be relieved of his duty as a Minister.



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