Tuesday, 27 December 2016


Emmanuel Eboue Revealed How He Thought Of Committing Suicide And Often Lock Himself In Bedroom For Days.

The 33-year-old Ivorian is currently banned from playing football since march this year[2016], FIFA ordered him to settle a debt of about ONE-MILLION-POUNDS with his former agent Sebastien Boisseau in relation to his move from Arsenal to Galatasaray in 2011.

Eboue admits it has been tough on him on his chat with a media company in UK explaining how life has been with him since he receive the ban and how he almost commit suicide in his home. He said:

"My family keep me strong, it's them that I have to think about but if I was alone, I worry about what I'd have done to myself now.
"There are times when I stay in my bedroom and don't come out. One, two days in that room. Alone, I lock the door and am just thinking I spend a lot of my time reading the Bible and will say, 'Emmanuel, why are you doing this? it's not good for your family.'

"My son Mathis is seven and plays for Arsenal's academy. Every time i go there with him people ask me what's going on and it makes it worse. 'Emmanuel have you retired?' So I have to explained my situation. It makes me more depressed. The people who know me, when they see my face they can tell I'm not happy. This is the lowest I've been in my career, it's a bad time."

Eboue was last at Sunderland at Sunderland where he was released without having any game appearance after just 22 days when his ban was confirmed.



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