Friday, 9 December 2016


Alex Iwobi speaking to a Journalist in in interview.

Alex Iwobi Explains How Teammates Help Him In His Career And How Nigerian Fans Are Better ON and OFF The Field.

Alex Iwobi who left Nigeria when he was four months old, stays with his uncle [AUSTIN JAY JAY OKOCHA] in turkey where he was playing before he moved to England and he began to train with Arsenal at the Age of six, he grew up in England but decided to play for his home ground when he got an invite to the Nigerian National Team.
Although he has played for England's U-16s, U-17s and U-18s but not able to wait for England National team, Iwobi has seven appearance for the Super Eagles since his debut in 2015.

In an interview with Guardian Sport in London, Iwobi speaks about those who have helped him achieve what he is doing now both Arsenal and in Nigeria, also commend the Nigerian fans and suppoters all over Africa due to the reception he got on his first arrival to the Nigerian National team for a game.

Iwobi said: "Everyone appreciates you in Nigeria, you're almost like a king. When I arrived at the airport in Nigeria, I thought i'll just have my earphones in, but everyone was like 'IWOBI! IWOBI!' . oh gosh. Hi guys!.
"I didn't know what to expect. It was just mad. I always go with Kelechi Iheanacho. When we go we get escorted because I'm not used to the Nigerian culture as much as they are, they do help me with it.
" I can't really speak the language that well. They help me with the fans. The fans are very different there. THEY DON'T ASK FOR AUTOGRAPHS, THEY ASK FOR BOOTS, MONEY."

"At my debut we played in a stadium that holds 30,000 and there was 60,000 - I don't understand how. People were standing on the floodlights, on the scoreboard, I was thinking, 'what? This isn't even safe!'
"But people there will do anything to watch the match. Sometimes in a Premier League game the fans are a bit quiet but in Nigeria you just hear trumpets, everything. The atmosphere is so different compared to England."

The Nigerian international also revealed how his teammates at Arsenal help him improve in h style of play including jokes in the training ground. Iwobi commend German star Mesut Ozil who assisted him for his first ever champions League goal on Tuesday night against FC Basel and rate him as his boss.

Iwobi told Guardian Journalist "I have to call him [Ozil] 'MY BOSS'because he assisted me. 
"When I sit down and actually think about what I have done, to score in the Arsenal U-19s a year ago and then score my first champions League goal for the senior team is mad.

"Alexis likes to take the mick out of me when I don't score in training. They are funny. They will tell you what you need to work on but in a jokey kind of way. They do advise me, saying I just need to compose myself, relax and the chances will come. They try to help in the best way they can." Referring to his team-mates at Arsenal.

"I speak with my uncle [JAY-JAY OKOCHA] every couple of weeks, he does advised me not just on the pith but off it too. As a young kid earning so much, having a house and driving a nice car it is nice but it is something I keep level-head about.
"That's what the big players get recognized for, scoring goals or creating goals. I feel like I did, then I had a little drought, but I think that this goal against Basel will give me a confidence boost."

"Some of the players Arsenal used to have were scary. But even now the quality we have now, this season could be our season. It is wide open.
"I walked past the corridors and see all the pictures of players holding a trophy and celebrating but my face is not there. I want to be there. Hopefully one day my face will be on the wall celebrating too. That would be amazing." As he concluded the interview.

Arsenal will host Stoke City at the Emirate stadium on Saturday for their match week 15 of the Premier League campaign. Wenger could introduce Iwobi from start or as a sub in the game as the player is available for the game after having a nice game in Champions League and got himself a goal.



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