Tuesday, 15 November 2016


Manchester City Manager Pep Guardiola Banned His Players From Having S*x After Midight 

Pep Guardiola who joined England side Manchester City from Bayern Munich at the summer currently maintaining top stand for Manchester City have restricted his players at the City from having s*x with their love partner after midnight, relationship must come before midnight even if its a free day the following day.

On Loan Manchester City player and former Arsenal ma Samir Nasri who i currently playing for Sevilla at Spain told told French TV Programme L'Equipe du Soir reason Pep has restricted his layers from having s*x after midnight.
 Nasri said: " Guardiola told me that i was a mess, he told me several times and even kicked me in the butt, literally.
"When I returned from holiday having had a year with injury problems and personal life problems, I was a little out of shape. Not as much as what was said but a few, four kilos weight: for Guardiola, over 2.5 kilos and you do not you train with the group.

Guardiola told me with your qualities you should not be at Manchester City, you should be at Barcelona. We had some discussions, he wanted me to stay and play for him. I told him no, because he couldn't assure me a first team place, I wanted to play. He told me he thought i was making a mistake, but I still have a 2 years contract.
For him, his players sexual activities must take place before midnight in order to get a good night sleep-even if they are free tomorrow. He (Guardiola) said that he placed the rule on Lionel Messi at Barcelona and his muscle improved since.

Guardiola told us this is how he managed  out of Robert Lewandowski too and for them to avoid the maximum number of muscular injuries. He Suppressed many things that were in the kitchen. With Guardiola in the first day of  training, you know how you should play,  how to squeeze and also how to stand off the ball.
The next day, you have videos for everything that you have to do. He will not bully you, but he will do everything to make you progress, so get you to know how to position yourself and how to play.
He's a picky person."

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