Wednesday, 23 November 2016

OPINION: Who Should Be Blamed For Allowing Arsenal To Score In The 89th Minute Against Manchester United.

Olivier Giroud Equalise For Arsenal In Last Minute At Old Trafford.

Arsenal's equalizing goal at Old Trafford which come from the France international Olivier Giroud at the late 89th minute has got many fans view and questioned of some players and whom to blame among Jose Mourinho's men on the pitch.

Here we bring to you a clear analysis from a PUNDIT Opinion in the build up goal and whom to be blaim or either to give Arsenal's attack the credit.


Surprise to see some said that it's Jones'and Rashford's fault when it clearly is not. Ok let me explain.
From the picture above, look at the space behind Rashford, a fast and pace winger can easily get into it, plus Rashford is not a defender. It made a very easy for Chamberlain to break in.

Look at Ramsey, he triggered Daley Blind who is a Left Back (LB), force him not to move to the empty area, if not, Ramsey will have lot of space.

Look at the orange circle. THREE Arsenal players coming in the penalty box. Therefore, Carrick, Valencia, Jones and Rojo had to watch out, so neither can assist Blind to guard Ramsey.

After Chamberlain beat Rashford and break into the wide area, Pogba should either go guard against Ramsey so that Blind can try to step up and stop Chamberlain, or he can run in and try to stop Chamberlain's cross himself and help Rashford. 2-against-1, most of them can't cross.

Blind can't step up himself to stop Chamberlain because he had to guard Ramsey. Rojo and Carrick will try to guard either Walcott or Ramsey. Schneiderlin running back to try to help the defend. Herrera is guarding Nacho Monreal as well.

The deadly cross came in, Jones is trying to get there but is pulled by Kosnielny so he can't jump very high to head the ball. Valencia didn't realie Giroud who is running and try to head the ball. Herrera may see that coming, but he can't do anything to stop Giroud. And look at Blind, he's doing nothing now, and where is Ramsey who he is guarding few seconds ago? Ramsey is going to center and hope to get the ball. And that might be working if the shot is saved by De Gea and he[Ramsey] could easily tap in.

Giroud force jump to head the ball and .....BOOM......GOAL! De Gea can't do anything because the ball is generated with power.

SUMMARY: It's hardly a person fault, when conceded a late goal, it was always the whole team's fault. But credit to Arsenal players who triggered United defender well and allow the cross to come in.

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