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Air Disasters In Football History.

Football all over the world have recorded many disastrous moment which involve club teams and country teams lost lives of players and officials.
The crash in Colombia of plane carrying the Brazilian Football Club Chapecoense, killing 76 passengers including crew member was among the deadliest air disasters in football history.

Pundit Sport breifly bring us some of the terrible air disasters in football history which include the Munich 1958 that let England giant club Manchester United lost players and crews.

Superga Air Disaster.
May 4, 1949
Turin, In Italy.

The Torino team was travelling back to Turin after playing a friendly game against Benfica in Lisbon, Portugal, on board the Italian Airlines flight crashed into the side of the mountain - on which the Basilica of Superga stood - because of low visibility and strong winds. The entire Torino Team died in the crash which claimed the lives of all 31 people on the flight.

Munic Air Disaster.
February 6, 1958
Munich, Germany

British European Flight 609, carrying Manchester United team (popularly known as Busby Babes), crashed on its third attempt to take off from the Munich-Reim Airport with 44 people on board. The crashed was caused because of complications from harsh weather conditions. 23 people reportedly died in the crash including 8 players from Manchester United's first team.

Chile's Air Disaster
April 3, 1961
Andes, Chile

An Aircraft transporting part of Chile's Club de Deportes Green Cross, crashes in the city of Andes, killing 24 people of which among the death counts, there were 8 players of 'de Deportes Green Cross club and two members of the coaching staff.

Dniprodzerzhynsk mid-air collision
August 11, 1979
Ukrainian SSR.

A mid-air collision caused by an air traffic control error caused the death of 178 people on board two flights (Flight CCCP-65816 had 94 people on board, while Flight CCCP-65735 had 84 people on board). The planes collided in a cloud and crashed. The crashed caused the death of 17 players and staff of Soviet, a top division team, Pakhtakor.

Alianza Lima Air Disaster
December 8, 1987
Pacific Ocean, coast of Peru.

A chartered flight for Peruvian club Alianza Lima crashed 11 kilometres off the coast of the city of Callao in the Ventanilla District. The pilot flew the plane too low, causing the right wing to hit the water and result in the crash. 44 people on board, including players, managers, staff, supporters of Alianza Lima and crew in the plane all dead, only the pilot survived.

Zambian National Team Air Disaster.
April 27, 1993
Atlantic Ocean, Coast of Gabon

A chattered air force flight for the Zambian National Team crashed into the Atlantic Ocean about 500 metres off the coast from Libreville, Gabon. The flight was carrying the national team for 1994 Word Cup qualifying match against Senegal in Dakar. All passengers on board reportedly killed including 18 players of the Zambian National Team.

Chapecoense Plane Crash
November 28, 2016
Medllin, Colombia

A Chatered plane carrying Brazil's Chapecoense Real crashed in the mountains near Medellin, Colombia. 75 people were killed in the crash, including all the Chapecoense players except two, one defender and one goalkeeper.

We at Pundit Sport send our condolence to all family members of the Chapecoense's plane crashed and other past disastrous crash in the sport history.



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