Monday, 10 October 2016

WWE: Dolph Ziggler defeated The Miz in a (Title vs Career) Fight.

Dolpf Ziggler def. Intercontinental Champion The Miz In A Title vs Career Match At The NoMercy event.

Dolph Ziggler erased any doubts he may have had about his career as a WWE Superstar at NO Mercy, defeating The Miz to take over the Intercontinental Championship and stay a member of the smackDown Live roster.

Ziggler fought with heart frpm the opening bell, wasting no time in going right after the champion. However, A-Lister employed a ruthless attack to take control of the match, grounding the fiery showoff.
The Miz reveled in getting the upper hand, taunting smackdown Live General Manager Daniel, Bryan, who he demanded a contract renegotiation from before the match.

The Champion's showboating gave Ziggler an opening to get back in the fight, unleasing a torrent of offense that nearly won him the match. The Miz resorted to desperate tactics, attempting to use the ropes and pull his challenger's tights for leverage during pinfall attempts, even exposing the top turnbuckle and sending Ziggler crashing into it, but was unsuccessful in retiring the showoff.

The Miz targeted his right leg, but Ziggler survived the Figure-Four Leglock and more, rallying back to his feet and connecting with a Zig-Zag. Maryse and Ziggler's former spirit squad teammates tried to end the showoff's career once and for all, but were thrown out of the arena for their meddling.
That allowed Ziggler to clock Miz with a superkick to win the title and keep his career on track.



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