Monday, 19 September 2016

Pep Guardiola FINALLY Starts War Of Words With Jose Mourinho

Going by what we saw at the Manchester derby, you will think Mourinho and Guardiola are now best buddies.

Remember how excited you were about Pep Guardiola and Jose |Mourinho both coming to Manchester?

SUre, you were delighted about two of the planet's greatest managers going head-to-head in the Premier League.
However that wasn't the main reason you were buzzing about the new bosses at Man. utd and Man City.

The REAL reason for the excitement was the hostility between the two managers. With their history of rivalry, the world waited expectantly for fireworks which is precisely why all the early season diplomacy and niceness from the two men has been so, well disappointing...

Following Man City's 4-0 walloping of Bournemouth over the weekend for the week 5 game of the Premier League 2016-17, it is also why we are very pleased to report that the fun may FINALLY be about to begin.

Check out what Guardiola had to say:

"Bournemouth are the best side we have faced this season. [other opponents] just used the long ball."

Hmmm. so, which of the City's previous opponents will be most offended by the implication that they just use long ball?

David Moyes'    Sunderland?

Mark Hughes'    Stoke?

Slaven Bilic's       West Ham?

Or Jose's         Man United?

We'll leave you to draw your own conclusions.....


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