Thursday, 1 September 2016

EXCLUSIVE: Individual Pundits Reaction to 'DAVID LUIZ' Transfer Back To Chelsea

Former Tottenham and Portsmouth Manager 'Harry Redknapp's son who is an expert and a pundit on SkySport 'Jamie Redknap' gives his oppinion with other sport pundits on the come back of Brazilian Defender David Luiz back to Stamford Bridge.

Read below verdicts of pundits on the Transfer if its 'Sensational or Liability'

It's sensational - the one you wouldn't have expected. It suggests to me that Antonio Conte wanted another centre-back so he has the luxury of playing three at the back sometimes.
It was a system he played at Italy and some clubs in his career. Obviously they have Kurt Zouma to come back in, they have John Terry and Gary Cahil.
It's a surprise. Talented? Absolutely . Yes, he makes bad decisions, he's bit rash at times, but when he's on his game, he's fantastic. You could even play him in midfield as well. 

I don't get it, i'm sorry. They sold him for a reason because he kept making mistakes. I watched him the other day give away a penalty against Monaco. I'm surprised PSG didn't drop him off!
He might have matured; if he plays in a three, he's the one who might come out with the ball like a John Stones; then it will cause other teams problems. The biggest thing for me about this deal is that he wants to come back to the Premier League - the biggest League in the world.

He was hot-headed; he wanted to do things he couldn't do and he got caught out in the Premier League but he's more mature. I like that phrase 'unfinished business' - it means he's got hunger and that's good. One big plus is that the manager wants him and that should stoke his fire.

I was always a fan of David Luiz. I know he's got a mistake in him, but as a footballer I love watching him play. He's so entertaining, and he will bring Chelsea something a little bit different.
If he plays in a back three, he'll also have Ngolo Kante in front of him to protect him a little bit and I think it's a fantastic move. I think Chelsea have done some good business.

People say he can be a little bit of a liability defensive-wise, but I think when you look at Conte, the success he had with Italy and at Juventus was playing a back three.
Luiz is a defender who can take the ball out and i think if you look at the other signing in Marcos Alonso, he's a left-back and Cesar Azpilicueta could go over to the right, so there you've got two wing-back as well.
For me it's a solution for Conte to now go and play a back three.

He should be more experienced, he should have learned his lessons, but it just shows that there's a dearth of central defenders across the world -  I think it's a real problem position now and Chelsea are going back to where they were.
The change of system, that could happen. I saw Juve plenty times under Conte. He likes to play three strikers, so he could do that, or he could go four-diamond-two; it gives him a few alternatives. But I am surprised, I must admit, because they say never go back. He's a good player, but sometimes he is a bit of liability I think.

It's the best signing for 19 other Premier League teams, that's how good it is! He does have mistake in him and he'll add a little bit of colour, but there's 19 other teams that will now be thinking: "He's got a mistake in him."

I think David Luiz to Chelsea is really intriguing. We never thought we'd see him back in the Premier League so it would be fascinating to see how he does.


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