Wednesday, 17 August 2016

DIEGO COSTA Call On GOD over EPL Officiating On Him.

Diego Costa has revealed his frustration at the treatment he recieves in the Premier League, claiming he is a marked man.
The Chelsea star was the hero but escaped sending-off at Stamford Bridge at the 2016-17 Premier League first match against Westham, and he believes that officials pay extra attention to his misdemeanours on the field..

The Spain international scored a late winner against Steven Billic men to give his side 2-1 win on Monday night. But the striker had invited controversy shortly before, when a late challenge on goalkeeper Adrian could have earned him a second yellow after he fell foul of new dissent laws to pick up his first card early on

Costa told ESPN Brasil on Tuesday "I can't ask for anything, the crowd here always loved me. It's a support which i always appreciate. It's important to get the three points, It's important to start winning"
"I am aware of the new dissent law now. The second time i went to talk to him, he showed me <the yellow card>. I even found it a bit weird, but then i understood. I went to apologise at half-time and that's it.

"But i'll be honest, I am targeted here, by the refrees, if i do something, it's totally different than if any other players do. it need to be seen, that people targeted me.
"it;s something i have to deal with and i ask God that these things don't disturb me and don't take the sequence of the games from me, which happens sometimes and gives me suspensions."