Sunday, 10 July 2016

WWE star Brock Lesnar beats Mark Hunt at UFC 200

Brock lesnar snuffed out the power of mark hunt to celebrate victory on his return to the octagon.
The former ufc heavyweight champion agreed to the one-off clash with the samoan after a near five-year hiatus.
But by wresting his way to victory in las vegas, he raised the tantalising prospect of another run at the title. 
Lesnar had seized the belt from randy couture in just his third fight with the organisation in 2008.
But after successful defences against frank mir and shane carwin, he suffered back-to-back defeats by cain velasquez and alistair overeem.
Those losses coincided with his struggle with diverticulitis and he returned to the wwe. 
But he was convinced to make a comeback - seemingly for one night only - at what is set to be the biggest pay-per-view card in ufc history.
In hunt he faced one of the division's most feared strikers who had earned his no 8 ranking with successive knockout victories over mir and antonio silva.
But once lesnar showed he was going to be no slouch in the takedown, it was hunt who was wary of encroaching into his opponent's territory.
After a quiet opening half of the first round, lesnar took the fight to the canvas and although hunt was up quickly, he suffered the first of the blows that would be a feature of his night. 
Lesnar soon repeated the trick and began hammering his giant fists into hunt's head which proved enough to take the early spoils.
Flashing a grin as the second session started, lesnar was unable to pick up where he left off as hunt kept out of range.
The pre-fight favourite appeared to be waiting for the perfect moment to unload and while it never arrived, he landed enough pot-shots to level the score.
But he failed to build any momentum in the third round and when he found himself on his back again, there was to be no recovery.
He managed to absorb the relentless punishment that came his way but lesnar coasted in the home straight.
The winner, who is due to face randy orton at wwe summerslam next month, said: 'it took me a little while to get acclimated. Words can't even describe it. Thanks, everybody, thanks so much.'
'I want to take it one day at a time. I'm so happy to be in here.'
The beaten hunt added: 'i'm disappointed, but it happens. I need to work on my fitness.'