Saturday, 11 June 2016

Revealed: The 'texts' which allegedly show David de Gea trying to arrange prostitute for FIVE Old Trafford teammates.

  • David de Gea has been implicated in ongoing case against pornography entrepreneur Ignacio Allende Fernandez, better known as Torbe 
  • Torbe was arrested in April after being accused of running prostitution ring
  • According to a leaked witness statement given to police de Gea and Torbe arranged a sex date between her, another woman and two footballers
  • There is no suggestion the Manchester United goalkeeper acted criminally
  • They were then told to keep their mouths shut about what had happened
  • Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea (pictured yesterday) has reportedly been implicated in a police probe into a porn director accused of running a child prostitution ring
    At a Spanish Euro 2016 press conference, de Gea said: 'I'm the first to be surprised by the news. I want to refute these allegations. These are lies and mistruths.
    'This gives me more strength to play with the Spanish national team, with the support of my team-mates. The matter remains in the hands of my lawyers. It is all false.
    'I am very calm. I want to go out to train and continue doing what I enjoy.
    'I have no idea where this has come from. I know that it is false. I just have to keep going.
    'I found out in my room. I let me family know of the situation. They are calm because they know me.' 


    Several Spanish media published the messages the prostitute is claiming she exchanged with the shot-stopper.
    The messages show the unnamed woman, identified as TP3 in police files, refers to an alleged orgy she says de Gea wanted her to take part in with four other Man U teammates.
    Respected online newspaper El Confidencial, one of the Spanish media outlets which published the text message exchange, said copies of the screenshots were contained in internal police files.
    It reproduced pictures of some of the text messages on its website along with a transcript referring to the witness by her codename and de Gea as DG which went as follows:
    TP3: 'And Manchester?'
    TP3: 'He has mentioned it to me.'
    TP3: 'It's true.'
    TP3: '?'
    DG: 'Yes, it's true ha-ha'
    TP3: 'You're naughty.'
    DG: 'No, I'm doing it for my teammates woman, ha-ha.'
    TP3: 'What's your team?'
    TP3: 'Atleti?'
    DG: 'Manchester.'
    DG: 'No.
    TP3: 'I'm lost.'
    TP3: 'When it comes to those sorts of things.'
    DG: 'I can see.'
    TP3: 'Ha-ha.'
    TP3: 'Do any of your teammates like me
    TP3: '??'
    TP3: 'Apart from you of course.'
    TP3: 'Ha-ha.'
    DG: 'Will you be able to cope with all of them?'
    TP3: 'How many are there.'
    TP3: '??'
    DG: 'About five with me.'
    TP3: 'Of course.'
    DG: 'I'm not so sure, ha-ha.' 

    Sources close to de Gea said he remained relatively calm and intended to stay with the Spain national team for the duration of Euro 2016.